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Eastview Wilderness Ranch modern accommodations
saddle leather and stitching

We have two private fully modern year-round ranch house accommodations for our guests.

Amenities include:
*Natural Gas Fireplace and Air Conditioner
*Modern Bathroom
*2-Bedrooms (sleeps 7)
-- 1 room bunks, 1 room double, sofa bed in living room
*Full Kitchen with Microwave/Barbecue/Range/Fridge

Our ranch houses include all of the comforts of home.

Freshen up with a hot shower after a long day of riding. horseback riders on horseback in front of the ranch houses

Relax and enjoy a glass of your favorite refreshment by the fireplace.



With the fully stocked kitchen in your ranch house, you can prepare your own meals

OR you can arrange for your hostess, Corrina,
to prepare delicious homemade meals for you

Home-cooked Meals:

We offer a variety of mouth-watering meal options, which always include ranch grown organic beef, vegetables, chicken and fruit.

Some options include:

Sirloin Steak barbecued to your liking with Baked Potatoe

Roast chicken browned to perfection with dressing and mashed potatoes smuthered in gravy

We also serve pork, elk, bison, beef and chicken in a variety of ways

Of course, every meal comes with all the fixin's and dessert
You haven't lived until you've tried homemade Saskatoon Berry Pie...mmmmmm!

Your day of activity may create a hearty appetite, but do not worry no one ever goes hungry in the country.

Since we have our meals with the family, we serve all our meals "family-style". Which means you have what everyone else is having and you dish up the amount you like.

**Seconds are considered a compliment to the cook....
but remember to leave room for dessert

Rates: One ranch house/night
1-2 people = $125.00 3 people = $140.00
4 people = $160.00 5 or more people = $180.00
rent both ranch houses $350

Bedding and Towels are supplied
Suggestions of what to bring:
*Personal items - toileteries

Meals: Per Person
Breakfast - Morning $12.00
Lunch - Noon $15.00
Dinner - Evening $25.00