photo of a halter hanging on a post
photo of guests horseback riding in open prairie
the twinkle of the halter
saddle leather and stitching

Summer Packages:

Family Package International Package

- Horseback Riding lessons and daily trail rides
- Off-Ranch Tours to:
Pasquia Regional Park swimming, mini-golf and dinosaur dig interpretive centre, hiking
- Accommodations and Meals

$135.00 per person per day
mimimum 4 people in group

- Horseback Riding and ranch activities
- Off-Ranch Tours to:
Chuckwagon/Chariot Races/Rodeo/Aboriginal Powwow
**if available during your stay
- Exotic Livestock Ranch tours
(Elk, Bison, Boar Farms)
- Accommodations and Meals

$165.00 per person per day

We offer a variety of ranch experiences to suit our guests' individual needs.

two smiling faces sitting on our round bales in the evening sun**Single guests travelling alone
**Experienced riders
**Even guests that have never ever seen a live horse before will all feel welcome and at home with us.

child riding on one of our horses

Our horses are primarily American Saddlebred. We have chosen this breed because they are not only beautiful horses but also gentle enough for children, responsive enough for experienced riders and large enough to carry heavy loads.

For families, we offer riding lessons, off-ranch tours for swimming, golfing, educational experiences such as our local dinosaur dig-site and/or to tour other types of ranching (bison, elk, wild boar farms).

We have had many guests visit our ranch alone. We make special arrangements for all of our guests travelling alone so that you feel comfortable and well-taken care of.

horse and rider getting ready for a trail rideExperienced Riders will be very satisfied at our ranch. Our horses are not only used as guest horses but also to work cattle on our ranch so they are trained to be responsive to the rider. Our ranch horses adjust to suit the level of the rider - experienced or not. Our experienced riders will be sure to find a stead that will challenge their abilities - you will not find yourself in a head to tail trail ride unless that is the way you want it.

trail ride in cattle pasture

We offer a variety of activities for all of our guests... doe with fawn

* Horseback Riding / Ranch Experiences
* Wilderness Hiking
* Off-ranch tours to Rodeos, Country Fairs or Authentic Native Indian Powwows
* Lake Fishing/Boating and/or Swimming
* Park Tours - Golfing, Swimming, Hiking Opportunities
ATV rider* Local Dinosaur Tour
* ATV (quad) trails
* Wildlife Viewing - Elk, Deer, Coyotes, Beaver, etc., etc.wilderness hiking in Pasquia Provincial Forestcowboys watching the rodeo eventsnative Indian in costume